Hey there Internet!

I’m a 26 year old woman who is currently in therapy…I started this blog to share my continuing experience in the hope that it could be a helpful portrayal of what “therapy” can be.

My (amazing) therapist suggested that I begin to keep a journal as a way to let out some of my thoughts and feelings. Because I’m 26 and work in digital marketing, typing things at my desk is way more natural to me that writing with an actual pen without the spell check….

After a few weeks of typing out my thoughts in a series of un-sent emails I felt strangely compelled to share them in some small way.

As “mental health” issues become less of a taboo a there’s still a certain mysticism and a lack of understanding about what “therapy” is, how it helps and what you actually do in sessions. I’m going to share my experience and what it has involved (for what it’s worth) so that maybe we can start to approach it with less fear and more hope.

So I’m going to be as frank and honest about my experience as possible.

The good, the great, the shit and the even shittier.